" At the El Rancho "
24" x 18"
Available at Rare Gallery
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In addition to his work in the art mediums of retrospective collage art and paintings, artist Dave Newman creates the artwork for some of the custom art guitars and amps sold by the Fender Custom Shop, a division of Fender USA®.
All photos courtesy Fender® and Steve Pitkin Photography

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" Oh Boy, A Road "
30 " x 40"
Available at Dave's Studio
Call for more info 928 708 0623


Well you can re-arrange it yourself using your mouse! Just click on any object in the foreground and drag it wherever you want. Sorry, the menu & background won't move - Dave got in here before us and glued them down.

" Chief, Fence & Bison "
20 " x 40"
Available at Rare Gallery
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" Red Top "
36 " x 12"
Available at
The Meyer Gallery
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